Eduardo Sandoval - 3 Photographic Series

Series #1 The land of the pacific coast have risen from thedepths of the ocean for over millions of years of geological activity, in those millions of years the ocean has worked patiently to reclaim said land. In this on-going project, I worked to capture the essence of such process, how wave after wave the ocean takes a little bit of that land back; and during that slow process the ocean has also carved beautiful sculptures and spectacular scenery for us to admire.

Series #2 The remains of the old Cannery Row stand still next to the ocean as coffins of infinite memories for a past generation, but also as a reminder of the consequences of our actions for the present and new generations.

Series #3 Monterey’s county beauty is so exceptional that anywhere you turn you are likely to find something amazing to photograph. And for the 2015 Weston Scholarship, I wanted to capture that natural beauty of this place in a different way that most photographers have already done it. For this goal, I aimed to give my photographs the strokes of a brush found in paintings, but trying to keep some of the realism tied to photography.

Eduardo Sandoval 2015