Q: Can I submit digitally printed black and white photographs?

A: No, only silver gelatin prints will be considered in the Weston Scholarship Competition.

Q: Should I use fiber and/or RC based paper to print my photographs?

A: Both are acceptable so use whichever you are most comfortable with!

Q: Can my photographs be different sizes?

A: No, your portfolio must include 10 consistently sized photographs.

Q: What kind of "proof of registration" can I include?

A: A printed screenshot of your class schedule for the current semester or a signed letter from your school counselor/registrar.

Q: How will I know if I've won a Weston Scholarship? 

A: You will be notified with the results of your submission.

Q: Can I over-mat my photographs?

A: Yes; but, keep in mind, if you over-mat one photograph you must over-mat them all.

Q: Is the quality of my prints taken into consideration during the judging process?

A: Yes, poorly printed or damaged photographs (scratched, improperly fixed, etc.) are ineligible to win top awards in the Weston Scholarship Competition and will rarely win honorable mentions.

Q: Can I bring my family and friends to the awards ceremony?

A: Absolutely! Please bring as many people as you'd like to support your accomplishment.

Q: Does The Weston Collective offer mentorship programs?

A: Yes! please contact Zach Weston by calling 831-233-2100 or emailing zach@thewestoncollective.org for more information.