Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my photographs be different sizes?

A: No, they must be consistent in size.


Q: What is an acceptable form of school registration?

A: Class schedule, and/or a signed letter from a counselor.


Q: How will I know if my photograph is selected? 

A: You will be emailed after the judging is complete on whether you won a scholarship or not. 


Q: Can submissions be overmatted?

A: Yes, as long as all of the photographs are consistently overmatted. 


Q: Does The Weston Collective offer mentorship programs?

A: Yes, please contact Zach Weston - 831-233-2100 or


Q: Does print quality (i.e. damaged and scratched prints) come into consideration when judging?

A: Yes, the print quality is an essential factor the judges take into consideration when judging.


Q: Do parents show up with their kids at the opening exhibition?

A: Yes, please come support your kid(s) at the award exhibition. 


Q: What type of photographs are eligible for the competition?

A: Silver Gelatin is the only acceptable type of photograph that can be entered. 


Q: Can I use fiber and/or RC based paper?

A: Yes, fiber and RC papers are both accepted in the competition.