• Students must be enrolled in a Monterey County high school, college, or university when they apply for a Weston Scholarship. Students who are in a film photography class in the Fall Semester prior to the competition can apply with images taken during that or the Spring Semester.

    Applicants who have been awarded first place in a past Weston Scholarship competition are not eligible to win the same award again in subsequent years; however, they are eligible for all other award categories.


  • If you are younger than 18 years of age on the date of application, you MUST have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate in the Weston Scholarship Competition. >> Download

APPLICATION: Submissions Closed for 2019!

  • Students must submit an online application, as well as a tangible copy. Include the printed copy with your final portfolio that you will submit and make sure that the application is signed by your photography teacher.


  • You are required to submit a typed artist’s statement (1 page maximum) in addition to your portfolio and completed application. The artist’s statement should act as an introduction to your work and its significance. Please note, the judging process is anonymous and the quality of your artist’s statement will not affect your chances of winning a Weston Scholarship; however, artist’s statements will likely be displayed at the exhibition unless indicated in the space provided on the application.


  • A portfolio of ten mounted and consistently sized SILVER GELATIN photographs. The photographs must have been taken, processed and printed within one year of the student's application.

Accepted Print Sizes:

  • 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14

Accepted Mat board Sizes:

  • 11x14 and 16x20; students may over-mat prints but it is not required.

Accepted Mat Board Color:

  • White


  • All portfolio boxes must be clearly and visibly labeled with your name and school on the outside. If we cannot read your name/school you will be excluded from the competition, so make sure to write legibly. All photographs must be lightly labeled with name and school on the backside of the mounted photograph.



  • Portfolios will be anonymously judged by a panel of respected local artists and educators.

  • Judging is based on originality, clarity, consistency of vision, and presentation (printing, mounting and spotting).

Means for Disqualification

  • Black or colored mat board

  • Incorrect number of prints

  • Digitally captured photographs

  • Digitally printed photographs

  • Inconsistent mat board size in portfolio

  • Incomplete paper work

Model release

  • If you are planning to submit a portfolio containing nudes, you must obtain a model release confirming the model is 18 years or older. Fill out and include with your portfolio/email to inspire@thewestoncollective.org. Model Release.

Submission Checklist

  1. A portfolio box or case containing ten, mounted, silver gelatin prints with your full name and school printed clearly on the back of each photograph and on the outside of the case.

  2. Completed online application.

  3. Printed application, signed by photography instructor, with artist's statement, proof of school registration, and parent permission slip attached (if younger than 18).