Kim Weston - President

Kim Weston is a fine art photographer specializing in black & white analog photography and is the grandson of the late renowned photographer Edward Weston and son of photographer Cole Weston. Kim has been an instructor and mentor to young photographers for over 15 years and has practiced photography for four decades.

Gina Weston - Treasurer

Gina Weston, with her husband Kim, founded Weston Photography in 2001. Gina specializes in website development, selling fine art photography and teaching workshops at her home at Wildcat Hill in Carmel, CA.

Katherine Edison - Outreach Educator

Katherine Edison, a soprano soloist, applied voice instructor, and non-profit administrator, holds an MFA in Performance from the Art Institute in Chicago. She has been a performer in residence at the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts, a voice instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago, and a working soprano soloist. Katherine shares her passion for voice and the arts as a NATS certified applied voice instructor.

Margaret Hunt - Secretary

Margaret Hunt is a ceramic artist and holds a degree in design from Montana State University. She worked in interior design for 10 years and has always surrounded herself with fine art, especially fine art photography. Margaret's daughter, Emily Hunt, was a Weston Scholarship recipient in 2010. 

Neil Shapiro - Board Member

Neil Shapiro, a semi-retired civil litigation attorney has served on the board since the inception of the scholarship program.  As a life-long lover of black and white photography who lacks any discernable artistic talent, he satisfies his interest by admiring and collecting works of the truly gifted.

Jacque Rupp - Board Member

Jacqueline Rupp has held numerous leadership positions (in sales, marketing and recruiting) at major technology companies within Silicon Valley, and most recently led global recruitment for the Apple Retail Stores during the first 12 years of their world wide expansion.  She also led all of the marketing for the Retail recruitment at Apple…including creative development, advertising and videos. Jacque started her love for photography in high school when she picked up her first Rollei and learned the darkroom techniques. Jacque is a currently a fine arts travel photographer and has studied with many notable National Geographic photographers and photojournalists:  Nevada Wier, Piper McKay, Jeffrey Chapman, Catherine Karnow, Peter Turnley and Cig Harvey.