The Weston Collective is committed to the preservation of black and white film photography on the central coast of California through photographic mentorships, exhibitions, and the Weston Scholarship. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Weston Collective relies on its generous patrons and supporters to continue Edward Weston's photographic legacy in local schools. 

Framing Photography’s Future

Framing Photography’s Future is a project that we embarked on in January of 2018. We have had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Martin Luther King Jr. School of the Arts (MLKSOA) in Seaside, CA on Broadway Avenue. The Weston Collective has the opportunity to not only help underprivileged students of Seaside, but also have the ability to rent the darkroom/developing room/studio out to the public, host photography workshops, and offer summer programs for the community of Monterey County. We would like to see The Weston Collective Community Darkroom free to all students of Monterey County. We want the space to be a fun, creative, and safe place for students who are interested in photography to come and learn. Film photography is a very rewarding process but it takes time, patience and a lot of practice to be able to successfully master the process.

The Weston Legacy

Edward Weston was one of the most innovative and influential American photographers of the 20th century. The people who have made it their lives' work to preserve his legacy have simultaneously left their own, very prominent, marks on the world of photography. Weston's creative vision is carried forward by the people who also carry forward his name.

Photo by Michelle Magdalena Maddox

The Weston Scholarship

The Weston Scholarship is a portfolio competition consisting of a submission of ten hand-printed black and white film photographs which are evaluated by our trusted judges. Since the scholarship was founded in 2004, over $100,000 have been awarded to photography students attending high school or community college in Monterey County.

Our Patrons

As a nonprofit organization, The Weston Collective relies on its loyal patrons to join us in offering young artists and their teachers the means to pursue their artistic careers. The generous contributions we receive help fund camera, darkroom, and mounting equipment, cash scholarships, workshops, publications, exhibitions, mentorships, and much more.

Photo by Michelle Magdalena Maddox
Through this photographic eye you will be able to look out on a new light-world, a world for the most part uncharted and unexplored, a world that lies waiting to be discovered and revealed.
— Edward Weston

Are you a photography student in Monterey County?

If you are a high school or college student in Monterey County who uses black and white film, you've come to the right place. The Weston Scholarship is a portfolio competition that offers cash scholarships for photographic excellence ranging from $200-$1000. Scholarship recipients' photographs will be framed and displayed in a local museum or gallery for the world to see!

What is the Weston Scholarship?

The Weston Scholarship is a portfolio competition which requires you to submit: 10 hand-printed, spotted, mounted photographs, and a typed artist's statement

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No Equipment? No problem.

The Weston Collective is committed to making sure you have the necessary tools to submit your portfolio to the Weston Scholarship. If you need a camera, mat board, tripod, or darkroom time, we are here to help.

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Gina and Kim Weston

In 2004, Gina and Kim founded the Weston Scholarship which, when it begun, had four applicants. 15 years later, over $110,000 has been awarded to photography students attending high school or community college in Monterey County.

Kim Weston is the grandson of the late renowned photographer Edward Weston and son of photographer Cole Weston. Kim, a fine art photographer for over 40 years specializing in black & white analog photography, has also has been teaching photography for the past 15 years.

Businesswoman, mother, wife, model, philanthropist, friend, and mentor, Gina Weston wears quite a few hats and she has been the glue that holds this organization together from the beginning. Gina specializes in website development, selling fine art photography and teaching workshops at her home on Wildcat Hill in Carmel, CA.


Zach Weston - Executive Director

Zach Weston is a fourth generation fine art film photographer from one of the most influential and creative families in American photographic history. His great grandfather was Edward Weston, great uncle Brett Weston, grandfather Cole Weston, and his father is Kim Weston.

In 2016, The Weston Collective Board of Directors unanimously voted to appoint Zach to the position of executive director. He has since made it his mission to carry forth his family's legacy, expand the non-profit his parents founded, and be an active mentor to aspiring film photographers in Monterey County.

Zach spear-headed this year's Weston Scholarship competition which passed the milestone of awarding $100,000 to local photography students.