2012 Weston Scholarship Winners & Award Ceremony

2012 Weston Photography Scholarship Winners
2012 Weston Photography Scholarship Winners

Weston Scholarship gave away 24 Photography Scholarships this year. The awards totaling $10,200 were given on May 8, 2012 at The Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony & Exhibition at the Marjorie Evans Gallery, 9th and San Carlos at The Sunset Cultural Center in Carmel CA. The show is up until May 31, 2012. We hope you get a chance to see the show in person.

This year's photographs, the 2012 Scholarship Portfolio Winners and photographs from the 2012 Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Exhibition are up on the site. Congratulations to all of the Scholarship Awardees. This years contest was amazing with 102 Photography Portfolios entered. The work was amazing and very difficult to judge. It was a very close contest. Thank you to all that participated this year!

Roman Loranc a fine art landscape photographer from the MT Shasta CA area helped judge this years contest and WS gave a $2000 award in his name. He was very inspired with the number of portfolios that were submitted and the quality of the photographs. WS will continue working with Roman Loranc on other fundraising projects.

  1. Charlotte Anderle
  2. Colleen Paddock
  3. Carole Schneider
  4. Emily Buswold
  5. Eduardo Sandoval Blas
  6. Steven T. Pina
  7. Peter Nichols
  8. Claire Giffen
  9. Christina Kemp
  10. Alex Molano
  11. Anastazia Jones
  12. Connor Houseman
  13. Melissa Schade
  14. Ericel Jimenez
  15. Marcus Gaboni
  16. Corrine Butcher
  17. Courtney Musser
  18. Andrea Clare Bozzo
  19. Lana Duong
  20. Sean Moser
  21. Alex Pingree
  22. Jana McCarty
  23. Anna McKendry
  24. Keith Tovey