2011 Weston Scholarship Fundraisers


Last month Gina, the photo blog diva arranged 3 fundraisers for the Weston Scholarship. Kim gave the "Growing Up Weston" lecture 3 times in 2 weeks! We set up a projector and showed the power point slide show in his studio. Then the groups came up and Kim showed Edward Weston, Brett Weston and his own photographs. In the past month Kim has given his talk to over 100 attendees! The first presentation was at CSUMB, then the Independent Photographers Group, the ImageMakers, Carmel's Padre Trails Camera Club, here at the house at our "A Day with Kim Weston Workshop" and then we got invited to show it at Stevenson High's Symposium Art Day. So maybe that is more than 100 people that now know a little more about the lives of the Weston family. Kim said he is retiring that talk. Looking forward to the new lecture and slide show!