Sarangsam Calendar Project

Sarangsam Means Fountain of Love

Sang Jung (in the above trailer) came to America with only $50 in his pocket. He has since established a successful dental business and raised a prosperous family. He is very thankful to the opportunities he had here in America and wanted to give back. Heavily involved with religious groups he decided to use his faith and passion to make a difference. Being a student of Kim Weston and loving the process of photography, Sang came up with an idea. He created the Sarangsam Calendar Project where he would involve youth religious groups in Seaside, CA and make a photographic calendar for the prisoners of Soledad Sate Prison.

The project involves 15 high school students who are interested in photography. Sang will teach these students for one hour each Saturday for 12 weeks the fundamentals of photography using The Weston Collective’s studio space. At the end of the lessons, the students will submit 1-2 images to be selected for the 12 month calendar. Kim and Zach Weston will judge the entries and make the final selection of the images. Once the images are selected, the calendars will be made and delivered to the prisoners at Soledad.

When Sang visited the preacher at the prison, he learned that one thing that prisoners desire are calendars. The Weston Collective is very happy to collaborate with the Sarangsam Calendar Project and offer its studio space for the photography sessions!

Stay Tuned for Updates on the Project!