Food & Wine at The New Bohemian Nights!

Food & Wine at The New Bohemian Nights!

Chef | Klaus Georis

Klaus recently returned from a 3 year stint working at Kobe Desremault’s famed In De Wulf, De Vitrine and popular La Chaparitta taqueria in Gent. After stints at 3 Michelin stared Quince and working for Dominique Crenn he’s focusing on his own project, La Carte Blanche, with a focus on wood fired products as well as fermented and preserved products from seasons prior. La Carte Blanche will be opening at Stationaery in Carmel, Thursday-Saturday nights.

Sommelier | Paul Wetterau


Paul Wetterau has worked as a sommelier at great local restaurants like: Bernardus, Sardine Factory and Casanova, working with wine has become second nature. Since ‘03, he has been deeply immersed in the subject and have travelled to places like: France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Chile, Madeira, Morocco and more.