Stevenson's A.P. Photography Class Visits Wildcat

The fire warmed the former home of Edward Weston as Cole Thompson's AP photo class stumbled inside at 8:00 AM on a wet Friday morning. The photography class of 9, comprised of both film and digital students, is looking to bring their photographic knowledge to the next level in the advanced placement level class.

Kim Weston greeted the class with banana bread and coffee, not realizing that not all high school students are accustomed to the taste of coffee yet. 

Kim began the talk explaining the subtle yet intricate details of the house, including Edward Weston's original desk and artifacts he collected during the years he spent in Mexico. 

Edward Weston's darkroom may be the most significant of stops along Kim's tour.

The students were amazed how simple the work area was and how Edward was able to produce such quality images from such a small space.


The students then followed Kim out to the gallery, where he showed four generation's of Weston Photography, explaining each generation's vision and answering any questions the students had. 

It is a treat to have photography students at Wildcat to teach them the history and to learn more about their photographic dreams and desires. 

Kim ended the tour having the kids sign the guest book, cementing them into the history of Wildcat Hill. 

Thank you Cole Thompson for having your photography class come out to visit!