Important Update About the 2017 Weston Scholarship Application

Application Change

There are issues with the online application so we are switching back to submitting a hard copy with your portfolio. If you have submitted online already you don't have to fill out another but it will help with the judging process. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Portfolio Submission Deadline

APRIL 28, 2017

Portfolios are due at the Monterey Peninsula College Darkroom (Room IC105) between 3pm-4pm

Contact Kevin Bransfield at MPC if you have any questions 831-646-4281


May 2, 2017


Thursday May 4, 5-6pm at the MPC Darkroom


May 11, 2017 5:30-7:00PM @ the Monterey Museum of Art

Reasons for Disqualification

·      Black or colored mats

·      Incorrect number of prints

·      Digitally captured photographs

·      Digitally printed photographs

·      Inconsistent mat board size in portfolio

·      Incomplete paperwork

Submission Checklist

1.     Ten mounted/matted prints in a portfolio box/case.

2.     Completed application signed by photography instructor.

3.     Proof of school registration for current year.

4.     Artist statement – Very Important!

5.     Your name and school on the back of each photograph and your box

6.     Parent permission slip (if under the age of 18).

7.     Please do not put your images in clear plastic bags.

Good luck, We are Looking Forward to Viewing Your Portfolios!