2017 Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony & Opening Reception

©Michelle Magdalena

The 2017 Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony awarded 39 scholarship to Monterey County high school and college students practicing black and white film photography. There were 29 Honorable Mentions and 10 Top Awards totaling $12,200!

We Have Reached the $100,000 Milestone! 

This year we surpassed the milestone of $100,000 awarded in scholarships since the inception of The Weston Collective! Our new totals are $106,200 with 314 scholarships awarded. We are so thankful for the support we have received to make this great achievement possible and very proud of the students in our community continually producing quality work. 

This year's awards ceremony was so much fun! We had a great turnout with around 250 in attendance. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the work on display and we didn't see one student without a grin from ear to ear on their face the whole night. 

We Couldn't Have Done it Without You! 

We are so thankful to have such a supportive community, which allows us to fulfill our mission from year to year. There are many aspects of this scholarship and many factors that must come together for it to function properly. We, at the Weston Collective, want to extend our gratitude to you for helping us succeed in keeping traditional black and white film photography alive!

Year after year the teachers continue to train and mentor these young photographers to reach new heights in their photography. The encouragement and time they give to the students shows in the quality of work they produce. We want to extend a big thank you to the teachers for your continued enthusiasm! 

We want to also recognize our board of directors: Kim and Gina Weston, Margaret Hunt, Katherine Edison, and Neil Shapiro for their continued dedication to the arts and volunteering their time to preserve our organization's mission. 

©Michelle Magdalena

©Michelle Magdalena

©Michelle Magdalena 

©Michelle Magdalena 

©Lily Blue 

Michelle Magdalena

Thank you to Michelle Magdalena for photographing the event and being a role model for the students to aspire to!

Michelle is a local fine art and commercial photographer who is an awesome person and pleasure to work with! Click on the button below to check out her website! 

 The Monterey Museum of Art's Vision of Excellence! 

©Michelle Magdalena 

©Michelle Magdalena

We are honored to be partnered with The Monterey Museum of Art to host the Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Exhibition. Viewing their finished work up on the wall, let alone a museum with such history as MMA, is a highlight for the students.

A huge shoutout to Lexi Hunt, Brooks Manbeck, Erika D'Auria and John Rexine for making this exhibition happen and hanging such a wonderful show. We want to congratulate the new Executive Director of MMA, Stuart Chase, and we are excited about what new and cool things he will bring to the museum! We want to thank everyone at the Monterey Museum of Art for their dedication to the arts and their passion for the next generation of photographers. 

Photos from the Opening Reception!