2018 New Bohemian Nights Re-Cap

We want to thank everyone who was involved in this year's Bohemian Nights on Wildcat Hill! It was a truly memorable night and one of our best ones yet!

Thank you to Roman Loranc and Kim Weston for generously donating their photographs to the event. The guests walked away with a pretty good party favor! 

A huge thank you to Emanuele and Anna from La Balena for providing the food. From octopus salad to homemade meatballs, fresh local organic asparagus, the quality of food was out of this world. There were so many amazing dishes with each being unbelievably tasty. Like Wildcat Hill, Emanuele keeps it simple and always hits it out of the park. 


The event wouldn't be the same without the wine! We had a wide variety from both Bernardus and Albatross Ridge this year. The wine paired beautifully with the food and the guests were overwhelmed with the abundant flavors of both wineries. Thank you so much! 

The guests make the night special. Starting off with a challenging scavenger hunt with an unsuspecting group win, enjoying good food and wine to sitting by the fire and talking art, it is a night not to be forgotten anytime soon. Thank you to all who joined us, we hope to see you next year! Have a look at the festivities and don't miss your chance to join us in 2019