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TWC Darkroom Orientation

The Weston Collective
Community Darkroom Orientation

©Yuri Nakamura

Re-Ignite Your Passion!

Do you want to reignite your passion for traditional black and white photography but can’t exactly remember which chemicals to use in what order? Do you have the desire to start a new creative approach with black and white film photography but feel overwhelmed with the whole process? If either the two situations apply to you, the TWC Darkroom Orientation Class is for YOU!

Community Darkroom Orientation

Photography is a truly magical art with tons of room for self expression and discovery. Taking it to the next level with film allows you to have much more control over the whole process and turns it into more of a hands on art.

We will be offering a one day refresher course on how to process film, care for negatives, mix chemicals, print from your negatives, and create a print!

This is a basic orientation into making negatives, and photographs. We will go over the basic understanding of the process. All instructions will be done with the lights on and Zach will be providing situations/examples for each part of the process. This orientation is to show you that traditional film photography is not as daunting as it might seem and that you have the ability to start making photographs in no time!