Growing Up Weston DVD


Growing Up Weston DVD


Award-winning Writer/Director Isaac Artenstein captures Kim Weston at Wildcat Hill, near Point Lobos, where Kim’s grandfather Edward lived and created some of the most iconic work in 20th Century photography. Kim lives there with his wife Gina and son Zachary, photographing, teaching and heading the Weston Scholarship, which provided funds for this documentary.

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In “Growing Up Weston” we visit the lovingly preserved family home, and step into Edward’s darkroom, where Kim shows how his grandfather used a contact printer, a simple light bulb and a kitchen timer to create his highly sought after masterpieces. Kim also demonstrates his own photographic techniques in his darkroom and studio, where he holds workshops, lectures and special presentations year-round. Kim reminisces on-camera about early encounters with his grandfather and the inspiration derived from living and working where Edward Weston lived. He also recalls working with his beloved uncle Brett for 15 years as a darkroom assistant, helping to print many of his famed photos, including Holland Canal.

Artenstein began documenting the Weston family twenty years ago and returned on several occasions to record the work methods, the daily life and the essence of this unique family of photographers. Artenstein’s interest in the Westons dates back to when he wrote and directed “Under a Brilliant Sky” a play about the relationship between Edward Weston and his lover and fellow photographer Tina Modotti, a story which he later developed into a feature film script with the participation of the Weston family.

“Growing up Weston” takes us on a journey down California’s Highway One, to Garrapata Creek, to the home of Kim’s father Cole, who demonstrates his pioneering color work and the printing methods that set him apart from his father Edward and brother Brett (who almost exclusively photographed in black and white). Cole also shares intimate moments about growing up in Los Angeles in the early 1920s with his father, his mother Flora and his older brothers Chandler, Brett and Neil. He also recounts traveling with Edward when he received the prestigious Guggenheim Grant to take photographs across the U.S. He also discusses printing his father’s work — a generational tradition that continues in this family of California photographers.

“Growing up Weston” is a loving documentation of a photographic legacy and a first-hand look at an artistic community that has existed in the Carmel area since the beginning of the 20th Century and continues to this day with Kim and Gina hosting artists and friends at their Wildcat home where great food and wine always accompany lively discussions about art. “Growing Up Weston” is a celebration of a family of artists, their work, and an invitation for audiences to experience life with passion and purpose.

“Growing Up Weston” (TRT: 58 min.)
Directed and Edited by Isaac Artenstein
Videography: Isaac Artenstein and Robert Schneider
2013 Cinewest Productions