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Silver Gelatin Printing Workshop with Kim Weston

The Weston Collective Workshop Series

Silver Gelatin Printing Workshop with Kim Weston
May 4, 2019

©Randy Tunnell

Step into a traditional photographic darkroom and the learn the silver gelatin process with Kim Weston, who has 40+ years of printing experience. 

In this class you will learn: how to set-up a traditional darkroom, about different types of photographic paper and photographic chemicals, how to develop photographic film, how to use different grades to achieve different print tones, how to make a test print, how to dodge and burn a print, and ultimately how to successfully print a traditional silver gelatin photograph!

Kim Weston’s Photography

©Kim Weston

©Kim Weston

©Kim Weston

Kim Weston is a fine art photographer from California who specializes in nude photography. Weston was born to one of the most influential and creative families in American history and has been making fine-art nude photographs for over 35 years. Kim Weston's largest body of work consists of silver gelatin prints made from 6×7 (56mm x 69mm), 4×5, and 8×10 negatives. In addition to the 8×10 format he prints in 11×14 and 16×20 sizes. He also prints in Platinum and lately he has added paint to his photographs.

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Workshop Schedule

10:00am – 4:00pm
Silver Gelatin Printing Workshop